[Astrology] Scorpio Moon Expression – Women


Adriana Lima // Lady Gaga // Mariah Carey // Mariah Carey //  Beyonce // Beyonce // Margot Robbie // Jennifer Lopez // Katy Perry // Katy Perry // Elizabeth Taylor // Mila Kunis // Deepika Padukone

Of all the moon placements, this one masters the art of mysteriously complex (and sad) expressions.  Lunar Scorpio women convey so much in so little time but aren’t good at owning up to it or convincing you that they’re completely unaffected. Nothing irks a Scorpio moon girl more than having her hidden emotions on display before she’s ready to reveal them. But when she’s caught off guard, you can see her layer her expressions on top of each other. These smiles are contradictions and masks. It seems they’re quick to go between emotions because they feel so many at once. Usually, Lunar Scorpio women are very controlled with their emotional displays and want to seem happy-go-lucky. If they’re not happy and they’re caught, they may be more upset that their facade is broken than about whatever caused them pain. They might even think it’s funny to be exposed and feel it’s incredulous that they allowed themselves to be hurt. So what do they do? Smile and laugh and laugh and smile. This is the type that probably thinks it’s necessary to smile through tears, laugh when they’re hurt and never admit to others (or themselves) that the pain they felt was deep– they might even just say that they expected the worse all along! … Although that’s probably a lie… It’s rare to get Lunar Scorpio women vulnerable enough to trust or love or put so much of themselves in emotional issues/people. They knew of the consequences beforehand so,  when it falls apart, they can only laugh along and admit that the jokes on them. From here, they prove how strong they really are.


Beyonce // Mariah Carey // Jennifer Lopez // Katy Perry // Adriana Lima // Lady Gaga // Gisele Bundchen

For the most part, Lunar Scorpio women refuse to lose their cool. They’re the type to wear shades indoors and appear to be the most glamorous of divas. They’re seductive and their presence is unequivocal. Sure, they can be a little high-maintenance, but don’t write them off as cold-hearted– it’s only that they see it as a fatal flaw to appear weak. Really, they’re emotional softies and feel everything so deeply that it would stress them out to be.



Lady Gaga // Beyonce // Miley Cyrus // Jennifer Lopez // Katy Perry // Mariah Carey // Avril Lavigne // Bjork

However cool they may seem, Scorpio Moon women are known for the powerfully raw emotions lurking beneath their calm composure and when it all boils over, they are a hurricane.  They try to keep this unhinged display of emotions private but when others witness it, they truly understand how deep this lunar sign’s emotions go. They’re wrecked by their intensity and it’s hard to look away. Some celebrities with Scorpio moons know how cathartic it is for others when they’re caught in distraught emotions. Sharing their most intimate side in their art, these dangerous and tough women are the type to recreate a personal meltdown and/or stare face into the camera, unflinching and unafraid to shed some tears.



Mariah Carey // Mila Kunis // Lady Gaga // Adriana Lima // Katy Perry // Beyonce // Gisele Bundchen // Jennifer Lopez // Miley Cyrus

Knowing all about the depth of humans, let it be emphasized that Scorpio Moon women are unflinching. Having battled their own internal struggles and self-acceptance, they know beauty is more than skin-deep. When a lunar Scorpio matures, she knows beauty is about having ‘flaws’ and individuality. Sharing her understanding of ‘being true to yourself,’ she’ll think you are perfect as you are and accepts everyone unconditionally.


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