[Videogames] Markiplier, MatPat, SeaNanners & the Zodiac! OH MY!


Captivated by video game culture?  You’re not alone.  Now more than ever, people accept video games as a pastime; video games as art; video games as one of the most engaging ways to tell a story.  Like the perfect blend of film and sports culture, gaming just opened entertainment to new dimensions of possibilities.  

But who could ever guessed that recording gameplay would be so popular among spectators? Yes, with all that hype, video game let’s players, reviewers, and commentators are on the rise. Sites like Youtube and Twitch provide many gamers with the opportunity to showcase their humor, observation, depth, and personality to fans worldwide—  and, best part, it’s open to everybody!  Because some gamers can turn this hobby into a successful career, it’s not hard to believe that many are hopeful they have what it takes to gain some fame.

Interestingly enough, maybe your luck here is written in the stars?  It seems that some famous Youtubers have something in common and astrology might be able to explain it.  With a data collection of over 300 famous gamers, three zodiac signs in particular stand out the most.

tumblr_o63dbkgdib1vstdtho1_400What sign is the best at delivering what spectator-audiences want?   From looking at the data, an astonishing ~12.5% of famous YouTube gamers are Geminis.  No doubt, the Gemini gift of gab helps them carry a one-sided conversation with their viewers.  Energetic and witty, Geminis make for some fantastic entertainment.  Viewers may be more attracted to them because they are also more likely to be impulsive and keep things interesting by getting up to mischief. Geminis are generally popular and like to share their enthusiasm—  they’re the host to a party you know will be fun!  Astrologically-speaking, Geminis might be more drawn to being Youtube gamers, because they crave variety and are notorious for only sticking to something if it keeps their attention.  This is great for them because, with a plethora of games, viewers want to see their reactions to all of them.  They’re intelligent and funny and loath to keep things dull.  Adam Montoya (SeaNanners), Evan Fong (VanossGaming) and Gavin Free from Rooster Teeth are a few of the Geminis to find success in the gaming world.



Another sign that seems to bask in the Youtube gaming scene is Scorpio (10%). Whereas Geminis quickly move from topic to topic, Scorpios, more or less, hold a vendetta and stay determined.  Scorpios are the type to be loyal and passionate about a certain topic, most likely riling themselves and others over an entertaining long-held grudge.  They love unraveling mysteries just as much as they like to be a mystery. They investigate topics in depth, to death, but you’ll never stopped being intrigued—  not surprising when you find out one of them is all about the game theories.  Scorpios are known for their intensity and extremism, which they bring to the gaming world. It’s these qualities that create intimacy between the audience and themselves.  More than anything, they want to have a genuine connection with their audience, and because they revel in building a sense of community, they generate a large fan-base.  Even though they keep a very controlled image (they have a hard time relinquishing control), they are the types to make viewers feel their honesty and they prove they’re hardly ever unaffected.  They may not want to let their guards down but when they do, it’s endearing and their subscriber-count skyrockets.  Dying to know which gamers come under the Scorpio sun sign?  Who else other than Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie), Alastair Aiken (Ali-A), and game theorist Matthew Patrick (Matpat).


tumblr_o1l8bvkmw61tvaw1ho2_250The other sign that completes the successful gamer trio?  Cancer (12%).  Qualities found in Cancer types give them that true friend vibe.  Want a comforting nostalgia?  Find a Cancer.  Want encouragement?  Find a Cancer.  Want to laugh?  Find a Cancer.  They are like the Nintendo of the zodiac in that they will give audiences that sense of home in gaming culture.  They’re a dependable presence that, more often than not, make others feel like there’s good in the world.  Cancers, like Scorpios, are easily affected and they use this to their advantage. Spectator-audiences love a Cancer’s ability to combine their sensitivity with their humor.  They are perhaps the most entertaining if not only for the way they react to horror genres. Cancer gamers tend to be a little self-deprecating in their humor, but audiences appreciate the amount of emotional vulnerability necessary for it.  Another thing about Cancers is that they avoid conflict—  not because it doesn’t bother them, but because they’re super gentle and they seem to understand the nuances and complexities of situations better than most.  This makes for Youtubers guaranteed to win you over one way or another.  Famous Cancer gamers you have to know are: Mark Fischbach (Markiplier), Austin Hargrove (PBG Gamer), Ian MacLeod (BrutalMoose) and Olajide “JJ” Olatunji (KSI).


Don’t worry if you dream of being a famous let’s player and you’re not any of these signs!  Any sign can be successful and everyone has something unique to offer.  Here’s some famous gamers from each sign of the zodiac:


Capricorn: Noah Antwiler (the Spoony One), Jirard Khalil (The Completionist),  Arin Hanson (Egoraptor) 

Aquarius: Jordan Maron (CaptainSparklez), Seán McLoughlin (jacksepticeye), Phil Lester (AmazingPhil)

Pisces: Tiffany Garcia (iHasCupquake), Toby Turner (Tobygames), Mitchell Donnell-Ralph Hughes (TheBajanCanadian)

Aries: Jonathan Jafari (JonTron), Samuel de Luque (VEGETTA777), Ty Ellis (Deadlox)

Taurus: H20 Delirious, Scott (GameRiot), David Moss (Lasercorn)

Gemini: James Caddick (Caddicarus), James Richard Wilson Jr. (UberHaxorNova), Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)

Cancer:  Tom Cassell (TheSyndicateProject), Felix von der Laden  (DnerMC), JD Witherspoon

Leo: Vikram Barn  (Vikkstar123), Ethoslab, Olivia Sui (Smosh)

Virgo: Trevor Martin (TmarTn), Pedro Afonso Rezende (Rezendeevil),  Simon Minter (Miniminter)

Libra: Eduardo Benvenuti (BRKsEDU), Michelle MangaMinx (TheRPGMinx), Matt Hullum (RoosterTeeth)

Scorpio: Fraser Agar & Becky Blow (Video Games AWESOME), Daniel Middleton (TheDiamondMinecart), Callum Airey (Calfreezy)

Sagittarius: Ian Stapleton (Ssundee), Joseph Garrett (Stampy), Harry Lewis (W2S or Wroetoshaw)


As for some practical advice: the entertainment business, in general, will always be privy to some people but not all.  It’s more than a can-do personality and talent—  it’s their effort to put in a lot of work and monetary investment to make the end result seem seamless and fun.  Many famous Youtubers will probably warn fresh upstarts to not rely on it as a source of income. For the most part, they considered their channels a hobby before it became their bread and butter.  They also tend to shy away from revealing the real difficulties and vulnerabilities of their livelihood, because they are generally very appreciative of their circumstances.  That is, famous Youtubers are the lucky few who get to enjoy the opportunity to make their passion lucrative. Still, many of them stress that if you do wish to pursue Youtube gaming, it should be for you and your amusement and not for the potential fame and/or money. Even if you seem astrologically blessed for it, this is not the sign to quit your day job.




Creds for Pics & Gifs:

Markiplier hugging stuffed animals

MatPat on Couch



Fraser Agar and Becky Blow (VGA)


Markiplier and MatPat


Smosh Games

The Rally of Famous Gamers

Video Games AWESOME! (VGA)


PBG and SpaceHamster


Famous Youtubers Photobooth-Style Pic


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