[Astrology] Mars In the Signs and Houses


Fill in the blanks with what your own Mars Sign and Mars House.

Sexually, I desire to Mars sign Mars house.

I’m especially sensitive/aroused by Mars house.

My weakness is Mars house.

I adamantly defend Mars house.

I can do so much when life let’s me  Mars sign.



Aries : energize / instigate / renew

Taurus : secure / steadily provide for

Gemini : communicate / keep changing (refreshing)

Cancer : protect / nurture / emotionally connect with

Leo : have fun with / show off / create

Virgo : analyze / perfect

Libra : reflect / balance out

Scorpio : get intimate with / delve into

Sagittarius : explore / spark

Capricorn : build / focus on / achieve

Aquarius : get weird with / find unique ways to express 

Pisces : imagine / reach new levels of existence through



1st: me / myself / who I am.

2nd: physical pleasures / sensations.

3rd: wordplay / musicality / the way you speak.

5th: unburdened sex / romance.

6th: taking care of you / you receiving me.

7th: you / yourself / who I believe you are.

8th : intensity / deep soul-level connections.

9th : whatever has not been discovered / my perceptions (and hopefully everybody else’s).

10th:  absolute loyalty / goals and ambitions / my authority (ability to control) / tradition.

11th: the future potential / whatever’s original / friendship.

12th: mysticism / spirituality / compassion.


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