Libra Moon Expression -Women











Emma Stone // Kate Winslet // Kate Winslet // Anna Nicole Smith // Kristen Stewart // Kristen Stewart // Ariana Grande // Ariana Grande // Tori Amos // Anne Hathaway // Fergie // Shania Twain // Fergie // Alicia Keys // Alicia Keys // Kim Novak // Kate Upton // Kate Upton // Kristen Bell // Missy Elliott // Missy Elliott // Elizabeth Banks // Elizabeth Banks // Maya Angelou // Rosario Dawson // Rosario Dawson // Angela Lansbury // Angela Lansbury // Françoise Hardy // Françoise Hardy // Lupita Nyong’o //  Romy Schneider  // Grace Jones

Now no one can say that this is only a thing that Libra Moons do but let’s be real: there’s something super alluring about the way Libra Moons make eye contact.  It’s the way they look down and then take their time to glance up. They know the power of catching their eye, and they use it best. They turn their head and look over at you and suddenly you’re caught in part of their hopes and whatever they’re scheming. The luxurious blink is  basically their go-to move and their super power.



 alicia-keys-swizz-beats-party-stranger-house-hamptons.gif (500×317) 




Anna Nicole Smith // Anne Hathaway // Grace Jones // Missy Elliott // Lupita Nyong’o // Elizabeth Banks // Romy Schneider


Libra Moons also seem to express themselves in a very flirty and lighthearted way. They have a coy smile and a way about them that makes everything seem like it’s going to be fun and things are going to be right; also, there’s a lot of winking involved.





Kristen Bell // Elizabeth Banks // Rosario Dawson // Nina Hagen // Lupita Nyong’o // Kristen Stewart // Tina Fey // Anna Nicole Smith

And even though Libra Moons have a glamorous air about them, they’re goofy too. It’s this dorky quality that makes them adorable. Their expression also probably involves hand movements in some way.





Ariana Grande // Kristen Stewart  // Grace Jones // Fergie // Anne Hathaway // Kristen Bell // Emma Stone // Tina Fey // Tori Amos // Angela Lansbury

Like Virgo Moons, they’re also pretty good at the eye roll.


Suns signs of these Libra Moon Celebrities…
Capricorn: Françoise Hardy
Aquarius: Alicia Keys , Kim Novak
Pisces: Nina Hagen, Lupita Nyong’o
Aries: Kristen Stewart, Fergie, Maya Angelou
Taurus: Tina Fey, Grace Jones, Rosario Dawson
Gemini: Kate Upton
Cancer: Ariana Grande, Kristen Bell, Missy Elliott
Leo: Iman, Tori Amos
Virgo: Shania Twain
Libra: Kate Winslet, Angela Lansbury
Scorpio: Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone
Sagittarius: Anna Nicole Smith

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