[ART] 7 Famous Artists with Disabilities / who suffered Diseases

1. FRIDA KAHLO – surgical brace for spine

Frida movie, 2002 // Frida Kahlo’s La Columna Rota (The Broken Column)

Kahlo wore a surgical brace that was necessary after a bus accident.


2. FRANCISCO DE GOYA – deafness

Goya self portrait ca. 1795 // Francisco de Goya’s Volavérunt (1999)

Goya experienced gradual deafness due to suffering from Syphilis since childhood.

3.  SIR JOSHUA REYNOLDS – deafness

Shirley Temple as Joshua Reynold’s Blue Boy // Self-Portrait as a Deaf Man, circa 1775

Reynolds experienced deafness in later years of his life.

4.  PAUL KLEE – scheleroderma

Paul Klee, 1929, Foto: Josef Albers, Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Schenkung Familie Klee© The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation / 2012, ProLitteris, Zurich // Paul Klee’s Ancient Sound, 1925

Klee suffered from progressive scheleroderma, an autoimmune disease.


5. EDGAR DEGAS – retinal eye disease

Edgar Degas painting compilation from National Gallery of Art // Edgar Degas

Degas suffered a retinal eye disease and went nearly blind.


6.  GEORGE INNESS – epilepsy

George Inness // Christmas Eve or Winter Moonlight1866

Inness suffered from epilepsy.


7.  JEAN-ANTOINE WATTEAU – tuberculosis

Pierrot, formerly known as Gilles, c. 1718-19 // Watteau self-portrait

Watteau suffered from Tuberculosis and was “sickly and physically fragile since childhood” (source: jean-antoine-watteau.org/biography).


Photos mostly found on tumblr.


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